Vinegar; A Natural Treatment For Dandruff

Treatment For Dandruff

Since early ages vinegar has been used for many purposes including medicines, ethanol products and many other home remedies. Vinegar is also said to an effective dandruff remedy according to some researchers. Besides other cures, you need a healthy scalp to eradicate dandruff. Let’s see how Vinegar works as a complete dandruff cure:

As Vinegar helps to circulate the blood through the upper surface of the skin, it helps the hair to get more and more blood. Blood and other nutrients are very helpful in improving hair strength, silkiness and heal the scalp and cells present in the scalp.
Mostly dandruff is caused by Malassezia that is yeast and Vinegar kills any bacteria, virus or yeast that may be present in the scalp.

By killing the yeast, Vinegar helps to stop the multiplication of Malassezia and improves the hair health.Vinegar soothes the itching and stops the dead cells to shed so fast.

Vinegar being an easy and cheap dandruff remedy can best suit you if you want a budget dandruff treatment. White Vinegar and Apple Cider Vinegar are the most affective types of vinegar that are used for dandruff treatment, so be wise while buying one!see how to eliminate dandruff at

In order to use Vinegar for treating dandruff perfectly, just mix an adequate amount of vinegar in warm water and stir it for a while, when the color of the solution gets a little changed then the solution is done. If a person has stronger dandruff then a stronger mixture can be prepared by just adding more vinegar to the solution. The vinegar solution must be applied on the scalp gently otherwise if you rub or scratch it too hard then it may get harmful to the hair or the skin.

For about 15-20 minutes the solution must remain on the scalp. Then you can easily remove the solution by shampooing your hair. If you want a mild mixture then leave the solution on your head till morning. Wrap the hair with a towel so that the evaporation must be less and more affective on hair. It must be remembered that a mild shampoo (baby shampoo) should be used for cleaning hair.

Treatment For Dandruff

Vinegar treatments give results in a couple of hours. But if you need consistent results then the vinegar solution should be used regularly. You can see the long lasting results obtained by daily massage, so give it a try for a week and see the results!

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